Peace Campaign Launches Yogi Akal TV

On March 20, 2003, I awoke to the news that another war had been launched, this time with an invasion of Iraq. I called my team together and said, we too are launching a campaign, we are waging peace.” – Yogi Akal

On that day, Yogi Akal TV began producing new content with the mission to elevate, educate and inspire a global audience. It has produced live news reports, conducted exceptional interviews, hosted advocacy summits, created original content for e-learning, and live-streamed a daily meditation for peace to countries around the world.

Yogi Akal TV also developed multimedia projects dedicated toward the eradication of violence towards women, digital content for Yogi Akal’s Emergency Leadership Summit, audio video programs for children of all ages, a popular Blessing of the Animals series, and a range of entertaining and educational webcasts and corporate webinars. Original videos on a variety of subjects were produced for YouTube and other social media, resulting in hundreds of thousands of views.

Since 2011, Big City Studios in Toronto, has collaborated with Yogi Akal TV to produce and manage original audio, video and web content for e-learning, social media, and global advocacy.

In 2020, Yogi Akal TV began work on new streaming content, podcasts and e-learning projects focused on the newly launched Renaissance Mind™, Stress-Away™ and Das Prakash™ brands.

“Since March 20, 2003, we have taught leadership, launched activist organizations, reported on disasters and inequities, streamed meditation, created controversy, settled grievances, and helped to solve problems for those in positions of power and influence. We committed to waging peace and shall continue to do so.

Once you experience peace, you do not want anything less. Peace is not just the absence of war. It is a discipline and a consciousness. If we turn the discipline of battle to the discipline of peace, we can achieve a society that will never want anything other than the consciousness of peace.

Peace is not gentle. It is fierce. We have a duty to achieve a sustainable peace, within ourselves, collectively on our planet and beyond. This is not a passive experience or one reserved for the few. It is the sovereign right of all people, a minimum standard for future generations. One day we will look back and wonder how the illness of war had afflicted our humanity and our planet for so long. Let us begin the healing.”
– Yogi Akal